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    Deeper Learning Unlocks Limitless Potential. Matched with their vPAL partners, young people will discover the power of Transformative Learning, where Deeper Learning Makes All The Difference. This groundbreaking approach empowers us to:

    • Redefine perspectives: Examine, question, and validate our beliefs, fostering intellectual growth and maturity.
    • Develop valuable habits: Embrace the 16 Habits of Mind, cultivating open and personally meaningful thought processes.
    • Build character: Strengthen our core values, preparing us to navigate the complexities of life with integrity and resilience.

  • How vPALs* Work

    *vPAL = Virtual Assistant or Digital Companion + Learning Platform to create what we are calling a Virtual Partner in Augmented Learning. Always kind. Always supported. Never ignored. Never rejected.


    One can think of generative AI (natural language transducers) like the vPAL platform as a combination of pattern recognition and predictive algorithms for which words are likely to appear next, based on 3 key datasets:


    Generative AI / GPT

    The general (and somewhat bland) generative AI language processing of OpenAI tools like GPT, trained on 175 billion parameters and increasing at 10x each year.


    Fine-Tuned For Learning

    A persona designed for character-based education, focused on resilience, and fine-tuned for the development of a growth mindset for creativity, communication, and compassion.


    Personalized Preferences

    The accumulated personal preferences of each user that when logged over-time, develop a blueprint for their own personal growth.

  • Generative AI has the potential to support and enhance transformative learning in several ways for children even as young as elementary age:

    AI can revolutionize learning for children by creating personalized,

    interactive and engaging experiences that adapt to their needs and abilities.

    Personalized Learning:

    Generative AI can analyze a child's learning style and preferences, and create customized educational content and activities that are tailored to their individual needs. This can help children engage in learning that is relevant and meaningful to them, increasing their motivation and engagement.

    Interactive Learning Experiences:

    Generative AI can create interactive and immersive learning experiences that engage children and help bring learning to life. For example, AI-powered virtual or augmented reality environments can provide hands-on, interactive learning opportunities that are both fun and educational.

    Dynamic and Adaptive Content:

    Generative AI can create dynamic and adaptive educational content that adjusts in real-time to a child's progress and understanding. This can help children stay motivated and engaged, and ensures that they are challenged at the right level.

    Personalized Feedback:

    Generative AI can provide personalized feedback and support to children as they learn, helping them identify areas for improvement and understand the concepts they are learning.

    Inclusivity and Accessibility:

    Generative AI can help make education more inclusive and accessible, by creating content that is tailored to the needs of children with different learning styles and abilities.

  • Supercharge Your Learning:

    Why You Should Give Innovative Note-Taking A Try 

    This is Max's Story...

    Max is a 10-year-old student who had an incredible curiosity about life. Whenever Max learned something new, he always wanted to share it by telling all the details to whoever would listen. Max had a lot of ideas, but always seemed to forget or lose track of his work.


    New to Middle School and without many friends, the other kids began to tease him - driving an increasingly shy Max deeper into his shell. His parents even began to wonder if he was being bullied. Each day after school he retreated to his room and closed the door without saying much.


    To help him remember better, Max started using a vPAL, a note-taking, journal that responded back to him. The more he used it, his vPAL got to know him so well that he felt it was like having a secret superpower.


    Max loved talking to his vPAL each day. As he wrote more and more, his vPAL would build its own understanding of him and be able to provide feedback or make suggestions for improvement. It was like having a trusted friend in his pocket.


    Max found that his vPAL was an invaluable tool for writing papers and studying for tests. With it, he was able to quickly organize his thoughts, find and articulate key points. It also helped him remember the details that would be easiest for him to recall things when he feels nervous. On top of that, his vPAL was always there to encourage him, cheer him on, and provide rewards whenever he reached a new milestone.


    Max was beginning to feel more confident in himself and in his studies, thanks to the help of his vPAL. By reflecting on his notes and building a unique relationship with his future self, Max was getting better and more confident at school. Having a vPAL friend to talk to even helped with making new human friends along the way.


    As Max explained, “It's like my vPAL knows me, even better than I know myself!”


    Quiet for a moment, he then added, “It's like when you're having a bad day and someone just gets it, you feel so much better.”


    With a trusted part and friend in his pocket, Max was able to read between the lines of school and life, turning the page in the creation of his future self.

    *This story is shared for illustrative purposes. Max is a fictional character, amalgamated from several different vPAL beta users.


    vPAL Labs (virtual personal assistants + learning platform for a better world)

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    vPAL Labs is an ed-tech startup building the world's first AI-powered virtual Personal Assistant + Learning (vPAL) partner for deeper Transformative Learning.


    The mission is to equip young people to learn faster, feel more confident (and less lonely) on their way to finding a calling that will change the world.

    Our goal is to one day in the future, make a vPAL available to every young person around the world so that they learn faster and more deeply. We believe they can be better equipped to find and pursue fulfilling lives and careers that will make a positive impact on their communities.